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The SAFESENSE+ interactive learning platform

The SAFESENSE+ interactive learning platform represents digital service for non-formal learning in the Occupational Health and Safety area (OHS). It is designed for company managers, head administrators, HR and OHS professionals and provides for a set of learning materials aimed at enhancement of their knowledge and competencies.

Within the learning platform you will find:

  • What is the relationship between the compliance with safety rules at work, the factors of the work environment and the ergonomics of workplaces
  • Which are the measures and practices for risk prevention
  • What are the policies for keeping records and documents inventory
  • What the proper follow-up procedures in cases of accidents

and many more…

The learning materials are especially suitable for use by SMEs, adult education and training providers, as well as anyone who is curious in the latest developments in the OHS field with regard to emerging green work environments.


The „Occupational Health and Safety in Green Work Environments“ course has been structured in eight modules. Within each module you will find theoretical part accompanied by interactive exercises, mini games, demo videos and further resources. The content, materials and resources of the course are freely available to all platform visitors.

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NB! Please be aware that without registration you cannot obtain a certificate even upon accomplishment of the full course. After registering you will be required to complete the modules again.

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